How to Combine Ice Cream and Tech

Hi! I’m Telma, and I’m going to spend the summer with you and technology!

I’m interested how we humans learn and interact, how we design and create things – and how this all is changing with the fast development of technology!

These interests led me to study cognitive science. In short, it’s the study of the mind at the border of artificial and human intelligence. Yes, the field has its roots in psychology and linguistics, but believe me or not – I spend most of my time coding.

Me, a girl, who had never imagined studying something related to computers! As they say, new technologies are changing the world. They already have. My head is full of questions.

What’s going on in the world of technology?
How should I prepare for the future?
What to learn? What to teach?
And most importantly, what’s the best ice cream flavor of this summer?

That’s what I’m going to find out this summer. As a Mehackit summer intern, I’ve got the chance to meet inspiring people, hear about their projects and ideas, and get insights into technology. In exchange, I’ll give them ice cream! Then, I’ll share these moments with you. Deal?

Ice Cream or Tech – Why to choose when you can actually get both?

Follow my Instagram and Twitter accounts @telmahackit, and keep up with this blog to understand the worlds of technology and learning better, in a relaxed & ice creamy way!

Looking forward to publishing my first video,

– Telma


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