Let the series begin!

Ingredients for a perfect summer job:

  • cool people
  • mobile equipment
  • creative mindset & ice cream!

This series of Ice Cream and Tech is a do-it-yourself summer project. With my mobile concept (literally mobile as I film everything simply with my mobile phone!), I want to inspire you and share insights from the worlds of technology and creativity.

Take a living example: me.

I’m fascinated by how we humans learn and communicate. That’s why I study cognitive science, a field combining psychology, neuroscience, linguistics, philosophy, and computer science. A lot of it, in fact.

I’d never have imagined to study something involving coding, but here I am.
And I even like it!

So, as you can see, there is a change going on in the ways we learn and create our career paths, often shaped by new technological innovations. My own learning path has already several curves, it goes down and up again, and gets new directions. Creative combinations are taking over!

I love to hear about new ideas – and the exploration doesn’t stop when schools are out! This job as a Mehackit intern is a perfect cover to meet interesting people and spread their inspiring thoughts in the summer. You will get to know students, start-ups, artists, and visit cool places! Just get a nice spot in the sun, an ice cream, and follow this series.

Can you guys guess how much time the making of this introductory clip took?
– A lot.

Is it worthy of it?
– YES.

Keep on following me, and I’ll prove it 😉
– Telma


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