Ice Cream Truck Challenge!

What comes up, when you combine tinkering, open-source hardware, hacking, DIY culture, and a craving for ice cream?

It was a sunny day at the office, and the ice cream truck had already passed by our neighbourhood. And I absolutely needed ice cream. There was nothing I could do. Or was there? Just then Mikko came with a Mehackit Maker Kit, which contains all the necessary building blocks for creative technology and designing your own gadgets.

With its Arduino-compatible board, sensors, motors and different components, he promised to save my day!

Maker culture is a do-it-yourself approach to learn technological skills. By combining existing devices, new components and your own imagination, you can make almost anything. That’s what I’ve heard, and I challenged Mikko to prove the claim:

In 15 minutes, he had to build a basis for an ice cream truck. Can making things be that easy and quick?

#letmikkohackit and prove it’is possible! He followed the instructions from, and actually made it.

So, the best way to learn about maker culture is starting to make something yourself! Electronics and programming aren’t just skills to learn, but they lead to a new way of thinking & doing. It sets your creativity free and can hack your everyday life a little bit better 😉

Do you want to give it a try? You can find the same instructions we used on the Electronics and Programming module, for free! Sign up for the course, get your components and let the creation begin!

We already have a lot of fun as we imagine how to improve and personalize our ice cream truck. Do you have any suggestions?

See you!
– Telma


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