Explore. Enjoy. Experiment.

”You know, it’s not this one straight career path anymore.”

Yes, I know. But it doesn’t always help! What if I don’t know to which direction I want to go?
Honestly, I might appear to be certain of myself, but often I actually am totally lost between different tracks (and sidetracks!).

”Jump into projects. Try new things.”

Sure, but are there any skills that would help me to prepare for that? To become an entrepreneur? A manager? An actor? A video producer? A public speaker? A writer?

Luckily, I met Karri Liikkanen, who has been doing all of the jobs mentioned above! You might remember him from the Ice Cream Debate, when we discussed whether coding and technological skills are relevant to everyone.

And once again Karri convinces me that technological skills are important guides when navigating in the career world. Hear his encouraging words and enjoy the exploration!

And now, I challenge you to do something you have no idea about. #letshackit!



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