Future education Starts North

“We’re going to change the world of education”, Eveliina Lajolinna says to me, smiling confidently. I’m sitting with her and Lauri Hollo, two young entrepreneurs from the startup Start North. It is a platform and a network that brings together young talents, companies, NGOs, universities, events, and more to offer multidisciplinary programs and new ways to learn.

Traditional school systems don’t fully correspond to the requirements of future working life. Who could know that better than students themselves?

That’s the idea behind Start North. Many of the future skills are learned outside of school. “For example, organizing a hackathon is a great way to learn new skills”, Lauri adds. Through Start North’s platform, you can find workshops, boot camps and events where you can learn about the things you’re interested in and that you think will truly help you in the future. It is also a good way to create new connections – networking opens up new possibilities!

“We believe in flexible and unique learning paths.” With all the creative and multidisciplinary careers I’ve discovered during this summer, I’m maybe easily persuaded, but Eveliina’s and Lauri’s words aren’t difficult to believe.

Trust in the youth is one of their core messages. That’s something that even I have sometimes difficulties with. To trust in myself as a future maker, namely. But that’s maybe one of the main messages I want to bring forth.

This project of ice cream and tech has proved to myself that I can do this! Schools have just started in Finland. And I’m looking forward to my semester start at the university!

So you, student, trust in yourself, and learn new skills – in and outside of schools!



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