“Art is like a mystery. Not everyone understands it. But if you do, you get more out of it.”

I agree with An Cong, a friend of mine from high school. I like that idea of a mystery.

“The same goes with technology. You can enjoy it without understanding it, but it helps you a lot if you actually do.”

It is therefore a brilliant idea to combine those two mysteries, and step into a whole new world to explore!

We’re sitting at the entrance hall of WeeGee, an old paper factory transformed into a museum building. Two years ago, EMMA, Espoo Museum of Modern Arts, and Mehackit joined their forces and organized an Art Hack here. There 20 young participants got a hands-on experience of combining tech skills and arts. The group was split into two: one main focus was on electronic waste – that we produce 50 tons per year – , the other part made music machines combining arduino technology, coding, as well as old tools and items.

Screenshot (6)

I’m a little bit jealous. I wanted to participate, too! That’s why I want An to tell me more about the event now.

“It was fascinating to create installations out of trash in just a couple of days! That you can make something beautiful out of waste.” What made it even better was that the young artists had their own exhibition after the workshop. It was an opportunity to show to their families and friends what they had done – and to get them to think about the same issues. To get a new perspective into arts. “Also, I hadn’t ever thought before that you can code music”, An adds.


“For me, it was my first experience with coding”, An tells me. “Doing arts in such a way was something I had never tried before.” And that first experience didn’t let her down. Now she’s studying mechanical engineering at Aalto University, as she wants to know more about technology and how to bring it to people around her.

“I want to be the connecting link between people and technology”, An finishes and smiles. Go on!


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