Ice Cream Time!

If someone had told me that I’d become a tech-explorer and youtuber this summer, I would have had some serious doubts. But here I am – and I survived!

Overall, Ice Cream and Tech has been an eyes-opening experience into technology for me. And I hope I have been able to share some of my own insights with you. I’ve been looking for grounds why to code, and at least I’ve convinced myself: this project has encouraged me to take an online course into python!

What else? Art is a laboratory for experimenting with new innovations and musical thinking definitely helps with understanding code. So, coding can enhance your creativity, or even equality in the society!

You can do so much with technology. Ice cream trucks, for example.Mikko and the whole Mehackit Team have been a great help in introducing me into the world of Arduino electronics. Beware, maker culture is coming, and public libraries are transforming into Jedi Temples!

Personally, the Ice Cream Truck project has been one of my favourite things during all summer. Our starting point was the Mehackit Maker Kit with the very basic Arduino components inside, and look where we got! Now we have our own little Ice Cream Truck.

In the episode one, we built and programmed the electronic basis. In the episode 2 we did some tunings – namely the Ice Cream Tune.

After that, our truck (that we decided to call Joy, by the way) has been through a looot of things. We designed a box for it on Wow, it was a struggle to get all the measurements right! Finally, our model was ready, and we went to the maker space of Iso Omena Library to laser cut it. So cool! We also used the vinyl cut to make our own ice cream stickers.


The first version in plywood still needed some adjustments.. But the final plastic got eventually perfect measures!

Then followed the sticky part: a lot of glue was included to hold it all together.Finally, it was time to see Joy in action. And yes, Mikko and I got ice cream delivered by our own little truck at the center of Helsinki on a sunny afternoon. What could be a better way of finishing the summer?

Now I’m already feeling a bit nostalgic about the whole project. Time went so fast! The moments struggling with editing tools (I used DaVinci Resolve) and coding were totally worthy of every second. ❤

All in all, the most important thing I’ve learned is to trust in yourself. If you truly engage in activities you’re doing, they’ll lead you further, and you can #dowhatyoucant!

This summer project has now come to its end. But it doesn’t mean that explorations into creative tech are over! Now it’s your turn to get inspired and pursue your own adventures. (Feel free to share with me where you got!)


Towards new challenges! But first, I think I definitely deserve an ice cream – and so do you 😉


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