Future education Starts North

“We’re going to change the world of education”, Eveliina Lajolinna says to me, smiling confidently. I’m sitting with her and Lauri Hollo, two young entrepreneurs from the startup Start North. It is a platform and a network that brings together young talents, companies, NGOs, universities, events, and more to offer multidisciplinary programs and new ways… Jatka artikkeliin Future education Starts North

Your code is music to my ears.

I’ve seen Helsinki decision makers do it. I’ve seen them smile. I’ve seen kids do it. I’ve seen professionals, amateurs, and the very beginners laugh. I’ve seen myself do it. Do it. And dance, ’cause I’m hooked, yeah, I’m hooked. Do it. Should I make this into a song? Maybe I should, because this post… Jatka artikkeliin Your code is music to my ears.