From space to makerspaces – towards the future of libraries!

I’m a book lover and lucky to be born in a country like Finland. It has been rated as one of the most literate countries in the world, and its literary scene is diverse. In recent years, libraries have been in a special focus. Close to our Mehackit headquarters, Aalto Learning Space has attired a… Jatka artikkeliin From space to makerspaces – towards the future of libraries!

Encoding Equality

Have you ever thought how sociable and empowering coding actually is? Exchanging tips with your friends, sharing advice on online forums, gathering together to hackathons… Speaking of experience, you cannot overcome your errors alone! What’s more, coding can lead you to travel the world and making a difference in the society. That’s what happened to… Jatka artikkeliin Encoding Equality

Ice Cream Truck Challenge!

What comes up, when you combine tinkering, open-source hardware, hacking, DIY culture, and a craving for ice cream? It was a sunny day at the office, and the ice cream truck had already passed by our neighbourhood. And I absolutely needed ice cream. There was nothing I could do. Or was there? Just then Mikko… Jatka artikkeliin Ice Cream Truck Challenge!